Thursday, February 19, 2015

Thriller Thursday

The Tesla Legacy (Joe Tesla #2) by Rebecca Cantrell (CreateSpace trade paperback, 22 January 2015).

Joe Tesla's father has passed away and left him a box full of papers which include the plans for Nikola Tesla's legendary Oscillator. The papers also include what seems to be a a treasure map leading to something that may very well be an actual Oscillator.  

As Joe tries to follow the clues without leaving the security of his underground haven, someone attempts to lure him into the open and steal the map.  Joe has his ultra-loyal security team and, of course his service dog, Edison. His rival has no Edison, but lacks Joe's stifling agoraphobia.

Not knowing what the treasure is, or even if there is one, doesn't make the hunters any less determined.  

In the sequel to The World Beneath, we learn about Joe Tesla's childhood, his circus-performer mother, the strict father who insisted that Joe focus on his schoolwork, and live up to his ancestor the famous scientist.  While detailing Joe's family history, Cantrell manages to sneak in the history of Nikola Tesla, which is helpful to those of us who weren't paying attention in science class .  

Rebecca Cantrell has created a fast-paced thriller that you may just read in one sitting, as I did.

FTC Full Disclosure:  Many thanks to the author for sending me a digital copy of the book to review.

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