Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Murders in the Mist

Whispers in the Mist (County Clare Mystery #2) by Lisa Alber (Midnight Ink trade paperback, 8 August 2016).

We return to the village of Lisfenora, this time in early September, a year after the events of Kilmoon.  The fog is unusually thick and eerie this year, and there is talk of the Grey Man, a cruel fae of local superstition who snatches the souls (and bodies) of the innocent.

Merrit Chase, the protagonist of Kilmoon, is a secondary character here.  The focus of the story is Detective Sergeant Danny Ahern, who is brooding about the anniversary of his daughter's death, and his wife's resulting depression.  

Then he's called to the body of a young man lying in a field.  When Danny touches his wrist, he's surprised to find a pulse, but the boy dies before the ambulance arrives.  He's not a local, and has no identification, and Danny suspects his identity may be difficult to determine, as it's the middle of the Matchmaking Festival and the village is filled with visitors.

Meanwhile, Merrit's been accosted by a young woman who steals the necklace right off Merrit's neck.  Gemma McNamara and her brother Dermot explain that they are in Lisfenora because they need to see the Matchmaker, but refuse to say why. 

The mysteries abound, and the ever present fog seems to intensify the disorientation.  For a time the reader feels lost in the mist, just like Danny, but the confusion is neatly cleared up.

Having read Kilmoon is helpful in understanding Whispers in the Mist, but it's not absolutely necessary.  Much like Tana French's Dublin Murder Squad series, the books are connected by setting and background.  

This is a quick and gripping read, and will leave you wanting to spend more time in Lisfenora.

FTC Full Disclosure:  Many thanks to the author for sending me an Advance Reader's Copy.

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