Wednesday, October 31, 2018


It's Hallowe'en, and I'm guest posting for Witch Week 2018, hosted by Lizzie  and Chris.

My post, Top Ten Kick-Ass Heroines, is up today.  Enjoy!

Friday, September 21, 2018

Funny Friday

Mutts                                                  by Patrick McDonnell

- originally published September 16, 2018

Friday, September 14, 2018

Funny Friday

Bizarro                                                              by Dan Piraro

-originally published September 9, 2018

Monday, September 10, 2018

Mystery Monday

Because we were travelling in August, I read a lot of books.  Most of the ones I liked best were entries in some of my favorite mystery series.  
(Summaries and images are from publisher's websites).

Four Funerals and Maybe a Wedding (Royal Spyness Mystery #12) by Rhys Bowen.  (Berkley hardcover, 7 August 2018).

If only Darcy and I had eloped! What I thought would be a simple wedding has been transformed into a grand affair, thanks to the attendance of the queen, who has offered up the princesses as bridesmaids. Silly me! I thought that withdrawing from the royal line of succession would simplify my life. But before Darcy and I tie the knot in front of queen and country, we have to find a place to live as man and wife...

House hunting turns out to be a pretty grim affair. Just as we start to lose hope, my globetrotting godfather offers us his fully staffed country estate. Mistress of Eynsleigh I shall be! With Darcy off in parts unknown, I head to Eynsleigh alone, only to have my hopes dashed. The grounds are in disarray and the small staff is suspiciously incompetent. Not to mention the gas tap leak in my bedroom, which I can only imagine was an attempt on my life. Something rotten is afoot--and bringing the place up to snuff may put me six feet under before I even get a chance to walk down the aisle...


Buried in Books (Bibliophile Mystery #12) by Kate Carlisle. (Berkley hardcover, 26 June 2018).

Not everyone has been as lucky in love as Brooklyn. Her old library college roommates Heather and Sara lost touch twelve years ago when Sara stole Heather's boyfriend. Brooklyn was caught in the middle and hasn't seen her former besties since their falling-out. When they both arrive in town for the annual librarians' convention and then show up at her surprise bridal shower, Brooklyn is sure drama will ensue. But she's touched when the women seem willing to sort out their differences and gift her rare copies of The Three Musketeers and The Blue Fairy Book.   

Brooklyn's prewedding calm is shattered when one of her formerly feuding friends is found murdered and Brooklyn determines that one of the rare books is a forgery. She can't help but wonder if the victim played a part in this fraud, or if she was targeted because she discovered the scam. With a killer and con artist on the loose, Brooklyn and Derek--with the unsolicited help of their meddling mothers--must catch the culprit before their big day turns into a big mess.


The Prisoner in the Castle (Maggie Hope #8) by Susan Elia MacNeal. (Bantam hardcover, 7 August 2018).

World War II is raging, and former spy Maggie Hope knows too much.

She knows what the British government is willing to do to keep its secrets.

She knows the real location of the planned invasion of France.

She knows who’s lying. She knows who the double-crossers are. She knows exactly who is sending agents to their deaths.

These are the reasons Maggie is isolated on a remote Scottish island, in a prison known as Killoch Castle, out of contact with friends and family.

Then one of her fellow inmates drops dead in the middle of his after-dinner drink—and he’s only the first. As victims fall one by one, Maggie will have to call upon all her wits and skills to escape—not just certain death . . . but certain murder.

This book was so gripping that I read it in one day.  (It really helps to read the previous books in the series first.)


Spies, Lies and Allies by Lisa Brown Roberts. (Entangled Publishing ebook, 1 May 2018).

Summers are supposed to be fun, right? Not mine. I’ve got a job at my dad’s company, which is sponsoring a college scholarship competition. I just found out that, in addition to my job assisting the competing interns, I’m supposed to vote for the winner. Totally not what I signed up for.

My boss is running the competition like it’s an episode of Survivor. Then there’s Carlos, who is, well, very distracting––in a good way. But I can’t even think about him like that because fraternizing on the job means instant disqualification for the intern involved.

As if that’s not enough, an anonymous informant with insider intel is trying to sabotage my dad’s company on social media...and I’m afraid it's working.

I thought the  summary of this book was a little confusing, but once I got into the story, I really enjoyed this  believable tale of a teen trying to figure out life.