Friday, March 28, 2014

Calamari Crime Recap, Part II

I decided not to get up early for the Sisters in Crime breakfast on Saturday morning.  I slept late, read and did some paid virtual-librarian work.

In the end, I spent the day socializing with various people I hadn't seen in a while, and didn't make it to a single panel.

I did, however, get to the Cara Black interview, which was conducted by Louise Penny.  (Deborah Crombie, who was scheduled to do the interview, was feeling unwell.)

A fuzzy iPhone photo of Louise Penny interviewing Cara Black.

I made sure to get to this one early, so I could have a good seat, and as my photo attests, I managed!

Saturday night closed with the Awards Banquet. Many of the authors hosted tables, and, having helped with the organization of the convention, I snagged a seat at Louise Penny's table.  She is tall and graceful and gracious, and made sure to chat with everyone at the table.  She even got everyone's email addresses!

Me with Louise Penny.

After dinner, the awards were presented.  Toastmaster Brad Parks was as witty as usual, and even threw in a song!

The photo I took of William Kent Krueger accepting the Squid (for the best mystery set in the U.S.) didn't turn out very well.  I was too emotional about Catriona MacPherson's touching acceptance speech for the Bruce Alexander Memorial Historical Mystery award to even think about taking a picture.

However, I did get Louise Penny accepting the Calamari (for the best mystery set anywhere else in the world),

and Marcia Muller and Bill Pronzini accepting the Lifetime Achievement award.

After the banquet, I headed straight to bed because I had to drive  350 miles home on Sunday and I wanted to get an early start.  So, yes, I missed the Sunday morning events, which was disappointing.  But I did make it home in time for a family birthday dinner!

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