Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Honeymoons Are Meant for Two Or, How Skye and Wally Ended Up Honeymooning on a Knitting Cruise

By Denise Swanson.

When you picture a romantic honeymoon cruise, I bet that image doesn’t include a bunch of knitters sharing your trip. Mine didn’t either. However, when I proposed setting a book during Skye’s honeymoon, my editor pointed out that if Skye was leaving Scumble River the book wouldn’t have the same feeling as the rest of the series. That made me realize, that if I wanted to take Skye out of town at least a couple of the regular series characters would have to go along with her.

The problem was how to have these characters pop up with relying too heavily on deus ex machina. The only way I could come up with was to have Wally—with the help of some maneuvering by May— go to the local travel agent who offered him a good deal on a
cruise for which she had a large group already booked. The group of course turned out to be May’s knitting club. I put a clue to this scenario in Murder of a Cat’s Meow and set up the rest in Murder of a Stacked Librarian. My only regret was that I wasn’t able figure out a way to have the Dooziers on board.

My problem then became that I knew nothing about knitting. I began my research by reading several books about the hobby and asking my Facebook peeps for stories about their groups.

Five Things I Didn’t Know About Knitting/Knitters

1. There is a hierarchy based on where yarn is purchased. Exclusive little shops—good. Discount stores—not so much.

2. Knitters become extremely annoyed if you dis their creations or fail to wear what  they’ve made for you.

3. Yarn is the currency of the knitting world and hoarders abound.

4. Although most knitters are wonderful people, there is a competitive dark side to the hobby.

5. Knitting needles can be deadly.

Have you ever been a part of a hobby group that contained with a member who was so obnoxious you wondered if he or she would make it out of the meeting alive?


New York Times Bestselling author Denise Swanson writes both the Scumble River and Devereaux’s Dime Store mystery series. Denise was a practicing school psychologist for twenty-two years and grew up in a small town similar to Shadow Bend and Scumble River. She is married to classic music composer David Stybr and lives in Illinois with her cool black cat Boomerang.

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