Monday, January 26, 2015

Mystery on the Menu

On Saturday, I attended one of my favorite annual events, Mystery on the Menu, at the Cerritos Library, in Cerritos, California.  

There were 15 mystery authors in attendance this year, and the room was filled to capacity with mystery lovers.

Back row: Tammy Kaehler, Margaret Coel, Tim Hallinan, Brett Battles, Chuck Greaves, Robert Rotstein, Simon Wood, Pamela Samuels Young, James R. Preston, Larry Collins
Seated: Kate Carlisle, Anne Cleeland, Diane Vallere, Christopher J. Young, Lorna Collins

As a 5-year veteran of this event, I know that I should arrive early in order to avoid standing in line waiting half an hour for a spot in the elevator, but no matter how early I get there, it's never seems  to be enough.  

However, I'm nothing if not sneaky (as any good mystery reader should be) and when Tim Hallinan and Kate Carlisle arrived, I offered to help Kate carry her multiple tote bags, and so bypassed the line.

There were three panels, with a scrumptious lunch served after the first one.  Each author was on one panel, with fascinating and amusing themes.  Especially hilarious was the always popular Liar's Panel, moderated by Simon Wood, which closed out the afternoon.

Much appreciation to the Friends of the Cerritos Library and Cerritos Library Programming Librarian Padmini Prabhakar!

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