Thursday, August 27, 2015

Thriller Thursday

Remember Mia by Alexandra Burt (Berkley trade paperback, 7 July 2015).

What a riveting book!  Alexandra Burt's debut novel is a stunner.

When Estelle Paradise wakes up in hospital after her car crashes into the bottom of a ravine, and no memory of what happened, the first thing she remembers is Mia.

Mia is her seven-month-old daughter, who disappeared overnight while Estelle was asleep.  Not only did the baby disappear, but so did all her belongings -- diapers, bottles, clothes, and toys.  Since Mia's father, Jack, was travelling for work, Estelle has no one to support her.

As she recovers, and no more evidence appears, her story seems more and more questionable to the police, the media, and even Jack.

The story does have a lot of flashbacks and flash-forwards, which can be a bit confusing if the reader isn't paying strict attention, or happens to put the book down for a few hours (the latter may be necessary, because this is a very dramatic and affecting story.

And don't start it at bedtime, because it will definitely keep you awake.

FTC Full Disclosure:  Many thanks to the publisher for the Advance Reading Copy.

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