Monday, January 19, 2015

Matchmaker, matchmaker...

Kilmoon by Lisa Alber (Muskrat Press trade paperback, 18 March 2014).

Merrit Chase travels to Ireland to meet her father and, hopefully, learn about her past.

The claim to fame of the tiny village of Lisfenora, County Clare is the annual matchmaking festival, and her father, Liam, is the matchmaker.  Liam is celebrated for his skill, and people come from around the world to be paired with The Right One.  

Merrit's plan is to observe Liam in his natural habitat before introducing herself, as she's not even sure that he knows he has a daughter.  

After all, she didn't know that Andrew McCallum wasn't her real father until she found the notebook her mother's notebook after he died. Her mother, Julia, had been a journalist who had been matched with Andrew for the article she'd been writing about Liam.  

But Merrit finds that there was a lot going on that summer besides matchmaking and the fling that her mother obviously had with Liam.  And the more she learns, the more the realizes she doesn't know.  

Merrit does figure out that something sinister is going on and that both she and Liam are in danger. But how does she stop something when she doesn't know who's orchestrating it?

Lisa Alber has created a wonderful protagonist in Merrit, a young woman with flaws and limitations that neither author nor character try to hide.  Hopefuly, another County Clare mystery will be published so that we can get to know them better.

Kilmoon is one of the books I purchased at Bouchercon 2014; reviews of others will be forthcoming.


  1. Sounds intriguing!!! I'll put it on my list of must reads!

  2. Marlyn, thanks for this review! I'm sorry I didn't post earlier.