Friday, January 16, 2015

Just a typical housewife...

A String of Beads (Jane Whitefield #8) by Thomas Perry (The Mysterious Press hardcover, 23 December 2014).

Jane Whitefield is enjoying her life as the wife of a prominent  surgeon in upstate New York, filling her time with charity work and committees.  Although she hasn't worked as a "guide" since she was shot the previous year, she's working hard to get back in shape just in case she has to help another runner or (God forbid!) she has to disappear, herself.

Returning home from a run, Jane is greeted by eight female Seneca elders waiting outside her home.  Jimmy Sanders, a young Seneca with whom she'd grown up, has been wrongly accused of murdering a white man, and has fled in a panic.  The women instruct Jane to find Jimmy and encourage him to turn himself in.

Jane feels she has no choice but to agree, and begins preparations immediately.  Her husband, Carey, doesn't believe she's sufficiently recovered from her gunshot wound, and is unhappy with her decision, but accepts it.

Jane has little trouble finding Jimmy, but things quickly become more complicated than expected.  Not only are the police hot on Jimmy's trail, it seems that assassins have been placed in local jails in preparation for his arrest, so Jane is forced to help Jimmy disappear while she tries to figure out what's happening.

Thomas Perry's storytelling is as enthralling as ever, and readers will find it difficult to put down Jane's latest adventure.  Jane is aging, as we all do, but it is to be hoped that  she doesn't retire anytime soon.

FTC Full Disclosure:  I borrowed this book from my local library.

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